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As a working full-time single mother, I need my parents to be here to support us emotionally and mentally.

I applied for parent sponsor visa 143 for my parents in November 2016. Almost 6 years have gone without any updates/progress for my parent’s application. When we logged the application, our migration agent advised that we should have waited for about 2 years for the application to proceed but it has been almost 6 years without any news now. We all desperately wait for our applications to be processed soon when my parent’s age increased year after year and our aging parents can not wait long.

As a working full-time single mother of my 12-year-old son, I need my parents to have soon their PR granted for us to live together as a big family supporting each other. I need my parents to be here with us both, mother and son, to support us emotionally and mentally. I feel the lack of family support when I feel down at times when workplace matters and personal relationships broke down. We always feel isolated, alone in this journey having lack of support from family and friends. Each day passed by, and we hopelessly counted till the day when we hear good news from the Department informing us of my parents’ application progress. Hopefully, I can reunite with my parents and my son can be well taken care of by his grandparents whilst his mom is at work or feels exhausted at home after a long day of work.
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