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We want to spend the rest of our life with our children

We are from India and we have 2 sons. Our elder son is in Australia and is married. Our son and daughter in law are both Australian citizens. Our younger son is in New Zealand. He is a Permanent resident there. We have a granddaughter from our elder son. She is 4 months old. We miss our kids a lot. We have applied for our parent’s contributory visa 143 in 2018. We are still in a long queue. If we get a Permanent Residency then we can stay with our children. But the file processing is very slow and is taking a long time. My husband is 60yo and I am 55yo. We want to spend the rest life with our children. Parents contributory visa 143 means we have to pay $50,000 for each parent. The total amount for both parents is $120,000(including other charges). Please do something about parents’ visas. It’s a kind request from all parents. Thanks and regards From Manju K.

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