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By the time the 143 comes through my mum will then be retirement age and too old to work!

I just had my mum’s first grandchild and even though I’m 35  I need my mum. 

We have just submitted a 143 visa after months of gathering paperwork, forms and documentation. 

Next we will have to start again to apply for an 870.

My mum is on her own and wants to be here with me and her grandchild, Not only is it going to take many years, it’s also going to cost About $70,000.


I moved here 12 years ago and am soon to marry my Australian fiancé this is where we have built our life and as my mum gets older I will need to take care of her. 

Even though we will be paying all that money Mum still won’t be able to work on the 870 until 143 comes through. Working is a great way for her to contribute to society but also make friends and build her life here. Also if she doesn’t have working rights we will have to support her.  By the time the 143 comes through she will then be retirement age and too old to work! It makes no sense. 

I wish it was easier to bring families here who want to work and want to help out and not miss precious years with their families.

Many thanks for hearing my story.


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