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Petition EN3366 27 October 2021 – Increase maximum amount of 143/103 Parent visa grants
Petition EN3366 27 October 2021 – Increase maximum amount of 143/103 Parent visa grants

Last year, a petition that asked for an increased amount of Parent visa grants was signed by more than 13000 persons. The petition was closed for signature on the 27th of October 2021.

Here is more about the petition and the reply by the government at that time (link to the actual petition page here):

Maximum amount of family and parent visa grants has been largely decreased from around 7000 to 3600 in recent years. The processing time of 143 parent visa only moved forward less than two months from April 2016 to May 2016 in one year. The current number waiting for 143 visa at 30/04/2021 was 56,386, which means it will spend almost 17 years for new immigrants’ parents to immigrate to Australia. Not to mention 103 visa, which will spend more than 30 years. This is really hopeless and extremely heartbreaking for immigrants. Most parents have been 60 years old and will be around 80 after 17 years. The average life expectancy wouldn’t be that long. The current quota is beyond hope for all the immigrants who try to live with their parents who raised us. We consider Australia a country with freedom and humanity. Five years ago,143 visa allowed new immigrants to bring parents within 5 years. We love here and decided to move here. After we settled down and called Australia home, things changed, our parent cannot move and we don’t have other choice. We understand pandemic changed the situation and it’s a hard time for government, but it shouldn’t change the quota of permanent residents’ application especially for parents. Even it can, the parents cannot wait.

We therefore ask the House to increase the quota to a reasonable number, at least 7000 which it was, making it possible for new immigrants’ parents to immigrate to Australia within 7 years please.

In regards of that petition, a reply has been provided by the minister in charge. View the letter in detail on that link.

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